Through the Trees

Photo and caption by Morkel Erasmus

A large African Elephant bull emerges from the floodplain forest of the Lower Zambezi Valley, dwarfed by the immense trees in this area. I was walking in the forest, following this bull and his cohorts as they fed from the winterthorn trees in spectacular light. This is one of the last true wilderness areas left in Southern Africa, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walking around among the elephants, lions, wild dogs, leopards and buffalo that call this place home is an immense travel experience.

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe


Moonrise over Hurricane area…

The gathering of giants by (Ognen Bojkovski)


Elk on the Drive to Banff National Park, Canada

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Lost Mountain Park, Georgia | USA by mrcrontab


Devils garden by famigliaferraris


Romance by Lumir Koutnik